Manila, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo and Bacolod Taxi Services
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  • February 17, 2012

Are you in a hurry and have a meeting to attend in the morning, and afraid that might not be able to find a taxi around the vicinity that time? Did you go shopping on a pay day or went to the grocery and needed to take a cab going home? Do you need a taxi service to bring you at home from an overtime work? Or do you have a flight to catch and unsure if you can able to get a taxi in your area on that time?

If YES is your answer, you need to consider getting a taxi service to fetch you at your place.

Most Taxicab Companies have a radio paging system installed in their cabs and that is easy for the operator and taxi driver to communicate. When you call a Taxi Service Company for a pick up, operator will radio all units to ask availability of cabs nearby to your area. Once a cab driver is just around the vicinity and he is available, he acknowledges that to the operator and the operator gives your pick up address. Operator gets back to you to confirm the arrival of the taxi service and its taxi code which you’ll ask to the taxi driver when he arrives.

Keep in mind the following:

  1. Go and call the Taxi Service which their headquarter is located nearby your area. If you are unsure and need help, you can call Taxi Dispatch – 373-8294 (Manila Area only) for to give you an idea on which to take.
  2. Most taxi pick-up services charges additional fees ranging from Php50 to Php100. While you are on the phone with the operator, ask him/her directly if there are additional fees for pick-up service.
  3. Make sure that the meter is flagged down. There are few cases that drivers tend to turn it on while they are on their way to your place. Also, you can confirm this when on the phone with the operator.
  4. Before boarding on the cab, jot down the taxi name, plate number and time you were fetched and let your family or friends know about it for your security purposes.
  5. If you are satisfied or has comments with the cab pick-up service, just drop by a comment below or contact us.
  6. You can download an application on your android phone called TaxiMate a GPS-based taxi meter
  7. Most cabs have new meter system, you can always ask for a receipt.
  8. Most taxi are powered by Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) especially the older cab models due to increase price of petroleum in the country.

Metro Manila Taxi Services

  • 24/7 Taxi: 642-3525, 634-5980
  • ABC: 454-8717
  • Avis: 831-27-01
  • Basic Taxi: 900-1447, 900-1448, 643-7777
  • Crownstar Taxi: 747-3064
  • Dollar Taxi: 921-2383, 927-8718
  • EMP Taxi: 293-5930, 293-5931,  291-7005
  • Hyatt Taxi: 807-0707
  • MGE Transport: 363-6096, 364-8260, 366-6287, 366-6214
  • Nine Stars: 330-1654, 362-9089, 362-1890
  • R&E: 362-9089; 364-9058; 330-1654
  • Reno Taxi: 931-3272; 931-2681
  • Sturdy Taxi: 330-3568, 361-1282
  • Tai Taxi: 801-1093
  • Trends Taxi: 822-9345, 823-8951,821-4685
  • Xavierville Taxi: 788-0204, 826-1769

Metro Cebu Taxi Services

  • Atlas TaxiCab: (32) 2536637
  • Good Shepherd Taxi: (32) 345-0861
  • Holiday Taxi: (32)345-1621, (32)345-1622, (32) 345-1623, (32) 343-8571, (32) 346-4647
  • Catz Taxi: (32) 414-6449
  • Ken Taxi: (32) 272-8716, (32) 272-1995
  • RP Corminas Taxi: (32) 261-3314
  • Air Land Taxi Corporation: (32) 255-1319

Davao City Taxi Services

  • Holiday Taxi: (82) 221-1555, (82) 221-4666, (82) 221-2493, (82) 221-249
  • Mabuhay Taxi: (82)235-1784
  • Matina Aplaya Taxi: (82) 299-1111, (82) 296-1391, (82) 296-1392
  • Friendly Taxi: (82)221-5252
  • Safeway Taxi: (82) 221-7220, (82) 221-7341, (82) 3450861
  • Artville Taxi: (82) 299-1986

Iloilo City Taxi Services

  • Light of Glory Taxi Sevices: (033) 3293166
  • GDR Taxi: (33) 3212200

Bacolod City Taxi Services

  • San Nicolas Taxi Services: (34) 4343834, (34) 4342206
  • Tuhl Taxi: (034) 4469196
  • Faith Taxi: (034)4410702
  • Bee Gee Taxi: (034) 4461675

Do you have any additional metered taxi service company numbers to recommend or add? Kindly let us know by dropping  a comment below or contact us.


Aya ishihara

2014-08-12 12:40:56 Reply

Good day!
I am planning to go to Alegre beach resort,But I don’t know the taxi fare to get there,Could you tell me please,if how much do I have to pay for the taxi,from Quest Hotel in Ayara to Alegre beach resort. That will be on August 21,2014,at 12:00 nonn.Thank you!!


2015-06-23 19:08:19 Reply

mTaxi will arrive to Philippines soon. Metro Manila first