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  • May 14, 2012

The garage address of MGE Taxi is located at 170 William Shaw Corner Biglang Awa Street Caloocan Metro Manila 1400 Philippines

They have been around for years now and have maintained their position as the top taxi service provider in Manila. Their sister taxi companies are EMP taxi and Green Taxi.

You can contact them at the following contact numbers:

Their current taxi models are:
Nissan Sentra
Toyota Vios
Toyota Altis
Hyundai Accent

Look at this cute MGE Taxi Models from Facebook’s Cartown and a taxi car toy
Mge Taxi Cartown Matchbox

Policies of MGE Taxi Company

  • Not allowed to travel outside of Metro Manila or will be fine of Php 6,500
  • Most of the taxi uses LPG gas and they have to load up at least 40 liters at their garage which is a bit cheaper than others. They will also face a fine of Php 500 if they don’t follow
  • Company takes good care of their drivers. Company get the cabs repaired with no cost on the drivers in case of an accident (if the police findings says it not the driver’s fault)
  • They have benefits as well
  • They need to pay Php1,500 boundary for every 24hours of driving

Here are some of the MGE Taxi passenger reviews:

  • Raymond “you need not to worry about the accuracy of their meters because certainly it is one of the most trustworthy fares when it comes to riding a cab. you are both safe with the travel and your wallet”
  • Brian “Whenever I can find and ride these cabs, I often wait for MGE. I’ve tested and compared their taxi meters and they are quite fair”
  • Tin “MGE is also one of the best taxis I’ve ridden in so far but I have yet to immediately hail a taxi from their service.  I dunno why but everytime I call they don’t just seem to have any available”
  • Ruth “I love MGE cabs too! Used to call their hub for service whenever I would go home from Ortigas to Manila”
  • Allen “We were at Quezon City last night and we asked a lot of taxis but only MGE accepted us. The other taxis doesn’t want to pick us up”

Visit their official website at www.mgetaxi.com

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